I decorated these candlesticks with :

- a few creations of my own : I drew the witch and the cat on a plain printer sheet of paper then I cut roughly around my drawings and attached them to nice sheets of "papers from all over the world" (Paper Touch), one black with swirls of white dots, and the other one black with inlaid gold (which doesn't show much on the picture, sadly !). Then I fussy-cut my drawings and added punches and table confetti. The "Boo" label is in velvet : I cut it in an old jewelry box ! I added Glossy Accent over my black paint, a rain dot and a ghost punch.



- leaves, foliage and berries from an old artificial flower basket that I spotted in a public dustbin, lol ! (I washed them, of course !)

- and plenty of wonderful spooky things from a joke shop : skeletons, rats, spiders and cobweb

I hope you'll like these ideas ;-) !